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Reopening Plan 

The health and safety of students and staff is the top priority when making the decision to physically reopen school campuses for use of students, staff, and others. The Diocese of San Bernardino shall follow, at minimum, CDC guidelines and adhere to California Department of Public Health (CDPH) and California State Department of Education guidelines for the official transition of stages and reopening of Diocesan Catholic Schools. All Catholic elementary and high schools shall conform to the Office of Catholic School pandemic protocols in accordance with the aforementioned guidelines, and those specifically directed by the Emergency Operations Collaborative (EOC) office of the Diocese of San Bernardino. Should any symptomatic case of COVID-19 be detected, CDC protocols for dismissal of classes shall be implemented and the physical closure of school facilities be instituted. Should either of these actions be necessary, parents/guardians will be notified, and both students and teachers will transition into Distance Learning. 

The following Reopening Plan is submitted in conjunction with the Office of Catholic Schools, the Diocesan Emergency Operational Collaborative, and developed with input from the San Bernardino Department of Public Health. 

In keeping with our OLA Mission statement, that we are a community of believers that exists to pass on the values, teachings, and traditions of our Roman Catholic faith, Our Lady of the Assumption School will reopen determined to uphold our Mission and Philosophy while emphasizing the safety and security of our students and school community in this new environment

School Procedures for Returning to Campus 


- The key to safety is effective communication. Parents will be updated through DoJo student message service, Gradelink Student Information System daily with updates to our school plan. 

- Should any student test positive for COVID 19, personal phone calls will be made by school to all parents in that cohort. Parents outside the cohort will be notified through Gradelink emails. 


Health and Safety 

- On August 17th, teachers will be trained through the Diocese of San Bernardino Emergency Operations Collaborative in Covid awareness and safety procedures. This training will become a mandatory session as is now the case with First Aide, CPR, and other issues directly affecting school security. 

- As we reopen for Summer School, July 6th, teachers/staff will be trained in Covid protocol and procedures in order to comply with CDC and Diocesan directives during the summer program. This training will occur July 3rd. 



- Teachers will train students in social distancing, use of hand sanitizer, proper hygiene, etc., beginning the first day of school. Proper protocol and practices will be reinforced daily. 

- In each classroom, teachers have a touchless thermometer. Upon classroom entry each morning student’s temperature is taken. Each teacher will log this on a spread sheet for that particular cohort in order to facilitate daily tracking. A second scan and log takes place at lunch. Students displaying temperature greater than 100 degrees and or any of the following symptoms will be sent to the office isolation area for immediate pick-up: 


  • Fever 

  •  Cough 

  • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing 

  •  Chills 

  •  Repeated shaking with chills 

  •  Muscle pain 

  •  Headache 

  • Sore throat 

  • New loss of taste or smell 

  •  Congestion/runny nose 

  •  Nausea/vomiting 

  •  Diarrhea 

- Teachers will carefully monitor students for symptoms throughout the day. 

- Ill teachers, staff, and students are advised they cannot return to campus until CDC criteria has been met, including three days fever-free without the use of medication, and symptom free for at least 10 days. 

- Mental health will be monitored through teacher observation, student/teacher conferences, cohort peace circles. Changes in student behavior/mental health will immediately be brought to the parents’ attention and recorded in the student LMS (learning management system). 

- Visitors to campus are limited to essential business. Those visitors that come onto campus will be logged and have their temperature taken before entering the premises. Masks are required at all times and hand sanitizer will be used. 


Presence of Symptoms 

- If a student presents a fever in excess of 100 degrees, the student will be isolated and parents notified they must pick up their student immediately. The student must be symptom free without medication for three days before returning to school. 

- Should a student be exposed to someone that is Covid positive, the student will isolate at home for 14 days. Distance learning will ensue. 

- If a student tests positive for Covid, the entire cohort will isolate for 14 days, distance learning will occur. Students may return to campus after 14 days providing they remain symptom free. 


Drop off and Pick Up 

- Jr. High Students will be dropped off and picked up at the rolling back gate by the basketball courts 

- K-5 will be dropped off and picked up at the front gate 

- If a family has students in multiple grade levels they must be dropped off at their designated pick up spots 

- Students report directly to class no earlier than 7:40am 

- At 7:40, teachers will be at classroom doors and take student temperatures before they enter. This procedure will be repeated before students leave the class for lunch. 

- All students picked up by 3:10pm 

- No Parents on Campus (parents remain in their cars when picking up and dropping off students) 

- Preschool Parents pick up Preschooler at the classroom, entering/exiting through the sand area gate and entering preschool building through first door. Siblings of preschoolers are picked up/and or dropped off at the designated car pick up line. 



Mass Procedures 

- Student attendance will conform with Pastor designated specifications as to how many individuals can attend at a given time. School Masses will be streamed; those not in actual attendance will participate in the Mass from their classrooms. 

- We will work with the Pastor to ensure Communion is available to students and Sacraments are received. 


Lunch and Breaks 

- Jr. High Break - 10:15am snack will be on grass area. Jr. High lunch at 11:30 at tables 

- K-5 Break - 10 am snack at tables. Lunch 12:00 (students eat in classroom at 11:45am) 

- Lunches cannot be delivered to the school site by parent, family member, or third party; students may bring their own or purchase from the regular OLA vendor, Rose’s Café. These are the only two options. Should a child forget a lunch, an emergency lunch will be issued and parents billed accordingly. 

- On-site lunches are pre-packaged. 

- Playground equipment such as balls will not be shared between classes; equipment remains with classroom cohort. 

- Temperatures taken prior to leaving for lunch. 


Cleaning Procedures 

- Air conditioning/vents are maintained regularly with summer filter replacements and scheduled monitoring throughout the school year. Plans in place to install UV light air purifiers in each conditioner on campus. 

- Bathrooms will be disinfected daily; after break, after lunch, and after school. Each evening classrooms will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. Spray disinfect will be used on floors and furniture, desks and chairs will also be wiped down with disinfectant. 

- At each transition, areas of frequent use, including doorknobs, etc., as well as student work areas and chairs will be wiped down with disinfectant. 

- Proper use/hygiene posters placed in each bathroom and reinforced with Stay Healthy posters displayed in each classroom. 

- Upon completion of cleaning at the end of each day, janitor fog entire area to ensure sanitation. 

- If a student becomes ill, the classroom will be closed until thoroughly sanitized. 


Cleaning Supplies 

- Supplies have been approved by the Office of Catholic Schools and include Super 60 for evening sanitizing, PC-30 disinfecting spray for use throughout the day, and 60% alcohol hand sanitizer. MSDS documentation will be on file. 

- Lysol/Clorox wipes available in all classrooms. 

- Custodial staff training will occur July 3rd at Our Lady of the Assumption School. Gloves must be worn at all times during disinfection procedures. 


Personal Hygiene 

- Handwashing will be taught, reiterated frequently, and enforced. Where soap and water are not available, hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol will be made available. 

- Hand sanitizer dispensers will be installed in all classrooms. Students will be instructed to use these when entering or exiting the classrooms. 

- Signs will be posted in all common spaces regarding infection control procedures 


- Masks will be worn by all staff members. Regarding students, masks are worn when students are dropped off in the morning, and throughout the day, if feasible, especially when social distancing is not possible; i.e. waiting in line, confined spaces, etc. 

- School drinking fountains will be turned off; students bring their own labeled, reusable drinking containers. Refill stations will be provided in each classroom. 


Facilities/Classroom Setting 

- Hallways clearly labeled with entrance/exit to promote single direction passage. 

- In classrooms, all desks arranged facing forward 

- Students at round tables use plexiglass table partitions 

- No sharing of supplies/materials 

- In each classroom, teachers have a touchless thermometer. Upon classroom entry each morning student’s temperature is taken. A second scan takes place at lunch. Students displaying temperature greater than 100 degrees will be sent to the office isolation area for immediate pick-up. 

- Hand sanitizer dispensers available in all classrooms. This will be used by all students under the supervision of the teacher. 

- Teachers wear masks when in close proximity with students 

- Incidences of possible exposure will be reported to Public Health, OCS, families 

- Teachers lesson plan using Google Classroom or Schoology to allow for students who may need to stay home to complete classwork and receive instruction in real time. 


Learning Environment 

- Teachers will wipe down student areas throughout the day. 

- Group activities will be limited. When undertaken, all students will be masked; social distancing in place. 


Staff Environment 

- Teacher lunches will be staggered to allow social distancing in lunchroom. 

- Wipes available for teachers to wipe down after using facilities; soap and hand sanitzer available at all times. 

- One parent allowed in the office at a time; masks required. Temperature taken and logged before entering the office. 


Day Care 

- In cohorts 

- Only pre-registered students are permitted. 

- All previously mentioned accommodations apply. 


Business Transactions 

- Parents needing to pay tuition, purchase Scrip, or enact any other office business are encouraged to do so online or through appointment only. Only one person is allowed in the office at a time. 

- As is the case with students, all visitors will have their temperature taken before transacting their business. Masks are required. 

- Business transacted through the office window. 

Download a copy of the plan by clicking HERE 

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