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The Advantage of a Preschool to Grade 8 Site


At Our Lady of the Assumption School, students have access to Preschool through Grade 8 in a secure, Christ-centered environment, all in one location.  This provides for your child a safe, nurturing center of learning from the age of 3 to 14.  This is critical for students, especially in the whirlwind of middle school years.  Students encountering continuity and stability throughout the educational experience, grow in self-confidence and develop a sense of security which prepares them for future success.  


In addition to the benefits for individual students, our preK-8 structure provides opportunities for children representing a variety of age levels to gather together for events, activities, and learning experiences.  We have instituted a School Family program wherein at least one student from each grade, K-8, form a “family.”  These groups have special picnics on the school grounds, challenge one another in special competitions during Catholic Schools Week, engage in multi-level learning activities, and attend school Masses throughout the year.  The relationships established through these activities benefit our students, instilling a responsibility for others that extends well beyond the actual school year. 


Finally, our OLA families appreciate the Preschool to Eighth Grade advantage because all their children are located in the same learning environment and have the same schedule throughout the elementary and middle school years. This is so important in today’s busy families.  Activities, vacations, and family time can be maximized as children grow to adolescence.  They’re in their teens before you know it!


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