Our Lady of the Assumption School, an educational ministry of Our Lady of the Assumption Parish encompassing preschool through grade 8, is a community of believers that exists to pass on the values, teachings, and traditions of our Roman Catholic faith.  Located in the northern area of San Bernardino, California, we serve our Parish as well as those located in the city of San Bernardino and the mountain and high desert Parishes.  We also open our doors to the surrounding community and those of other faiths with the expectation that all families accept the mission and philosophy of Our Lady of the Assumption School.  


Our school, commissioned in 1958, and originally staffed by the Sisters of Mercy, focuses on helping our students recognize and develop their individual gifts and talents so that they may reach their highest potential in all areas:  spiritual, moral, academic, social, cultural, and physical.  Beyond providing a rigorous Catholic education, we also offer a technologically rich learning experience for our students.  We also instill in our students, with their multicultural backgrounds, a respect for life, an appreciation of all God’s gifts, and a sense of personal responsibility towards the environment.


"Sharing Christ Today with the Leaders of Tomorrow"

Fr. Rogelio Gonzalez 



OLA School will graduate “Leaders of Tomorrow” guided by faith and equipped with 21st century knowledge and skills for life-long success.





Profile of a Graduate 

Vision Statement 

Mrs. Sue Long 



The Catholic school community of Our Lady of the Assumption School strives to live Gospel values and to support and develop within our school community the pillars of our San Bernardino Diocese; Faith Sharing, Collaboration, Reconciliation, and Hospitality.  Our goal is to share with our school community the Diocesan Vision of Hope and to engender within our students and families an enduring love of learning.  


We hold that:


* Every child is a child of God, individual and free.


* Teachers function as mentors in the learning experiences of their students.


* Parents and teachers have a shared and mutually supportive responsibility in the educational process of the children.


At Our Lady of the Assumption School, teaching is a ministry, inviting students to develop a personal relationship with God.  We integrate elements of our Catholic faith into the entire learning process, provide regular opportunities for worship, promote community service learning, and we develop and implement opportunities for service.  In the interest of social justice, our goal is to create an awareness of the needs and problems of the world community and our responsibilities for others in need.  Finally, we endeavor to assist our students in developing the skills necessary to meet life’s challenges as responsible citizens and followers of Christ.


We center our community in Christ, recognizing Him as the core of our being, and acknowledging  Him as the source of all Faith, Hope, and Love. 



To Be A Person of Faith and Compassion, Grounded in Catholic Teachings Who:


  • Prays daily

  • Participates meaningfully in Mass, prayer, and liturgies

  • Understands the teachings of the Catholic faith and the importance of the Sacraments

  •  Is an active example of a faith-filled leader

  •  Nurtures their faith with ongoing instruction

  • Studies and reflects on the Word of God

  • Strives to fulfill the Church’s mission of message, community, service, and worship



To Be A Responsible Citizen Who: 


  • Exhibits strong moral values in decision-making

  •  Models honesty and fairness in words and deeds

  • Accepts responsibility for his or her actions

  • Values and respects diverse cultures and beliefs

  •  Shows concern for global issues such as current events, politics, social economics, and the environment



To Be A Life-Long Learner Who:


  •  Has the skills necessary for academic advancement

  •  Uses critical thinking skills in decision-making

  •  Accepts challenges that allow for growth in all areas

  •  Sets realistic goals and pursues them with confidence

  •  Utilizes available resources and values research

  • Adapts to changes in technology



 To Be An Ambassador Of Hope Who:


  •  Knows that each person is loved by God

  •  Realizes life is a gift from God to be cherished in all its forms

  •  Trusts in the grace and wisdom of God

  • Appreciates God’s gifts in others and treats them with respect and dignity

  • Answers the Gospel call to love, peace, and justice

Contact OLA Parish 

Phone: 909-882-2931

Website: olasanbernardino.org

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